Why Sponsor us?


The ECSLS is growing together with one of the youngest and greatest universities in the world.  Our expansion requires sponsorship to maintain our ability to provide for over 400+ law students and an increasing number of under and post-graduates.

Our law student body is predominantly online study – with 65% studying online. We strive to create a Society that has effectively provide educational and social experiences for all our Law students – both online and on-campus.

We also run seminars and guest lecturers to provide an interactive experience with our members and sponsors.

If you or your organisation are interested in sponsoring us, please send a letter of inquiry here, or directly at treasurer@ecslawsociety.com.


Our Sponsors


Leo Cussen Centre for Law strengthens and supports the administration of justice and the legal system by providing high quality: education, training, and professional development. Alongside their PLT services, they offer professional development for other business professionals and offer publications about the legal practice.


The College of Law is the school of professional practice for lawyers in Australia and New Zealand. They are the largest provider of practical legal training in Australasia and have a faculty in Western Australia.