Membership Information

Membership to the ECSLS is open to all current students at ECU undertaking a course in law, and to former students who have successfully completed their law degree.  There are four different types of membership available: Committee Management; General / Junior Positions; Special Membership (Alumni); and ordinary membership to receive ECSLS benefits.

To become an ‘ordinary’ member of the Edith Cowan Student Law Society head here to fill in a quick form!

Other Information is detailed below.

Committee Management

We currently do not have any specific vacancies. However, expressions of interest are invited through the submission of a Nomination Form.

General / Junior Position

If you’re interested in working with the ECSLS team, but don’t want to commit to a management position, you may assist the society with its tasks and events from time to time. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill out the General/Junior Application  Form.

Special (Alumni) Position

The ECSLS welcomes back its Alumni. If you’re interested in advising the board and providing services such as guest lecturing and competition judging, please fill out the Special Application form.

Ordinary Membership

If for some reason the handy form located here doesn’t work you can always fill out the form located below and send it Please note all applicants must also be ordinary members (aside from special members).

Membership Application Form