Your mental health is the most important thing.

The Law Society of WA and legalsuper have joined together to endorse and promote the importance of mental health within the legal profession, and industry generally.

From this support, LSWA and legalsuper invited representatives from the five Law School Societies in WA to take part in accredited Mental Health First Aid training.

We are pleased, and proud, to announce that four of ECSLS’s Committee have successfully completed an accredited training program, and have graduated to become Mental Health First Aiders: – Femke Elferink, Jacky Smith, Amanda Sugg and Tayt Mumme.

Law School can be tough,  and its common for us to feel overwhelmed – especially during Exam season! This can lead to anxiety and depression.

Honourable Justice Mazza’s three rules for mental health: ‘Look after yourself. Look after other people. No job is worth the cost of your mental health.

If you’re feeling the pressure, just feel a bit down, or just want to vent – reach out to someone! You’re not alone.

Here are some links to help if you’d like some more information:










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